Virtual Bookkeeping Services

  • General ledger maintenance: Recording and organizing financial transactions into appropriate accounts.

  • Revenue & Expense tracking: Monitoring and categorizing income and business expenses to provide accurate financial records.

  • Bank reconciliation: Comparing and reconciling bank statements with company records to ensure accuracy.

  • Financial statement preparation: compiling balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Monthly Bookkeeping:
Add on Services:
  • Accounts receivable management: Tracking and managing customer invoices, payments, and outstanding balances.

  • Accounts payable management: Tracking and managing vendor invoices, payments, and outstanding balances.

  • Payroll processing: Calculating and distributing employee wages through payroll software.

  • Prepare W2's and 1099's at year end.

**Please note that the scope of bookkeeping services can vary depending on the needs of a business or organization.

Catch Up Bookkeeping:

Bringing a company's financial records up to date when there has been a significant delay or backlog in recording transactions. It involves reconciling and recording past financial transactions that were not properly recroded or were overlooked due to various reasons such as lack of resources, time constraints, or disorganized record-keeping.

Clean Up Bookkeeping:

Reviewing and rectifying existing financial records to ensure accuracy, organization, and compliance. These services are typically required when there are significant discrepancies, errors, inconsistencies in the financial recordds, or when the books have been poorly maintained.

​Clean up bookkeeping services help bring financial records back in order, providing a solid foundation for ongoing bookkeeping and ensuring reliable financial information for decision-making, tax filings, and financial reporting.